• Advent calendar rules in English

    Advent Calendar 2016




    WANTED !

    24 people to participate in an Advent Calendar project 2016.




    Let’s do something different this year!


    Each participant will create 24 small identical gifts, which will be distributed to the 23 other participants and herself.


    The coordinator (me!) will assign a day to each participant. This day (1 to 24) must be indicated on the gift packaging. You got it, each gift must be wrapped! 


    Send your 24 gifts to me so that I can redistribute them before the beginning of December so that each participant can begin to open her gifts on December 1st.



    Some rules to follow :


    1. The gifts must be hand-made.
    2. Try to make them light and small, for the people that will have to pay the postal charges.
    3. If the 24 gifts you made are not exactly identical, try to make them as close to being so as possible.
    4. Don’t spend a lot of money. The idea is to have fun while do something that will please others.
    5. No perishable gifts, please.
    6. If the participants don’t live near me, and they cannot bring or collect their gifts to/from me, they will be responsable for paying the postage.
    7. If we don’t have 24 participants before the 15th of October, the project will be cancelled.
    8. The 24 gifts must be delivered to me by 18th November at the latest, so that I can look after the redistribution in time for December 1st.




    It’s true that we all have a lot on our plates,

    but sometimes you have to know to take time

    to do something for others.




    Looking for idea? Here are some suggestions: cards, bookmarks, hand-written quotes, box, tags, Big Shot cut-outs, bracelet, hand-made buttons, keychain, lavender sachet, decorated bag, candle … and if you’re still looking for ideas, try Pinterest!